Swallowing the Moon

19th August to 23 September


A tribute to an extraordinary artist who used paint, print, glass, metal and more to explore the ideas which obsessed her.


‘There are individuals who managed to figure out the unique gift that the universe gave them when they incarnated, and they put that in the service of their goals…

‘And when we see these people, we invariably call them larger than life. Life is large, but most of us don’t take up nearly the space the universe intended for us. We take up this wee space ‘round our toes, which is why, when we see somebody in the full flow of their humanity, it is remarkable. They’re at least a foot bigger in every direction than normal human beings, and they shine, they gleam, they glow. It’s like they’ve swallowed the moon.’

Coach and author, Caroline McHugh, taken from her TEDx Talk on the ‘Art of being yourself’ given on 15 Feb 2013.

Works from the exhibition