The Open Arts 2024 Terms and Conditions of Entry

1st Biennial Open Exhibition at The Slade Centre, Gillingham – March/April ‘24

Terms and Conditions of Entry


Section 1: Basic Entry Requirements

  • A maximum of 3 works may be submitted per applicant. Up to 3 works could be selected for the final show per applicant.
  • Work cannot have been exhibited previously at The Slade Centre
  • Artists are encouraged to submit recent work (produced within the last 3 years).
  • All works must be for sale
  • All entries are subject to a two-stage selection process, the first selection stage will take place online. Artists will be notified after the first stage and selected works will be required to be delivered to The Slade Centre. At the second stage works will be selected for hanging and it is anticipated that all works selected at the first stage will be hung. However, The Slade Centre reserves the right not to hang works at this second stage.

For a detailed timetable please refer to Section 3


Section 2: Cost of Entry

Submission fees are charged per item:

  • £10 per item
  • £5 per item for full-time students only

Submission fees may be paid online or by bank transfer by Monday, 19 February 2024. Payment details can be found on the entry form at the end of this document.


Section 3: Timetable

  • Completed entry forms and images of works must be sent by email to by 23.59 on Monday, 19 February 2024 after which the first selection will take place.
  • The Slade Centre will inform artists of the results of the first selection no later than 6pm on Friday, 23 February 2024.
  • Selected works should be delivered to The Slade Centre on Monday, 26 February between 11am and 1pm or Tuesday, 27 February between 9am and 4pm.
  • The exhibition of the selected works[1] will open on Saturday, 2 March.
  • There will be a private view on Friday, 8 March.
  • The exhibition will continue at The Slade Centre until Saturday, 6 April.
  • Unsold works may be collected on Monday, 8 April between 11am and 1pm or Tuesday, 9 April between 9am and 4pm.  


Section 4: Submitting Work

  • All submissions must be made online. Artists should complete the Entry Form which can be found on page 5 at the end of this document. A copy of the completed form, with images of works, should be attached to an email which must be sent to to arrive no later than 19 February 2024.
  • All artists must submit one image of each work. This will be viewed online at selection therefore please ensure your images are as clear as possible.
  • If the work is 2D we do not need to see the frame in the image
  • Images should be a JPEG file and should not exceed a maximum size of 5MB.
  • Images should be sent as attachments to the covering email and should not be embedded within the message.

Please contact The Slade Centre if you have any queries regarding the sending of images.


Section 5: Admissible Works

  • All media and techniques eligible e.g. painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, textiles, sculpture, digital and photographic. 2D and 3D works may be submitted.
  • Works in which printmaking techniques are combined with other processes, such as painting, drawing, mixed media and stitch, are admissible.
  • Prints may be unique (one-off) pieces or they may be signed, numbered and a limited edition.
  • Digital prints are eligible only if it is clear to the selectors that they are original artworks made by the creative use of digital technology and that they are not reproduction prints.
  • Reproductions of paintings and drawings, made by any process, are not eligible. This includes reproduction giclée prints.
  • Artists are permitted to sell unframed multiples of selected work.
  • Artist books are permitted for entry. Please include display instructions in Special Instructions if necessary.


Section 6: Inadmissible Works

  • Works in frames or on stretchers to which D rings cannot be easily fixed.
  • Unframed works on paper that are unframed for reasons that are not aesthetic (see Section 7: Frames and Fixings).
  • Reproduction prints which are made to accurately reproduce an already created original image.
  • Work containing offensive material. Please note that the decision of what constitutes offensive material is at the discretion of The Slade Centre.


Section 7: Frames and Fixings

  • All framed work will be hung using D rings, therefore please ensure your work is suitably framed.
  • D rings should be attached to the frames between 7cm and 10cm from the top edge of the frame.
  • Unframed work is acceptable where the decision has been made for aesthetic reasons.
  • Unframed work should include clear instructions for display and the artist must provide the relevant fixings with their entry. Please provide these in a clear plastic bag or envelope and attach securely to the back of the work.


Section 8: Labelling Work

  • Labels should be written or printed on thin card for each piece.
  • The label should include your name; email address; the title of the work; the medium; the selling price.
  • The label should be securely attached to the work with a thin piece of string. Please do not use thick cord, rope or twine as this makes it difficult to tuck the label behind the work once it has been hung.
  • The string should be long enough to hang in front of the work when hung on the wall.
  • The artist’s name, address and title of work should also be written clearly on the back of the work.
  • The top of abstract works should be clearly marked on the back of the work to show the correct orientation.


Section 9: Confirmation of Results

  • The Slade Centre will send the artist an email confirming the results of the selection. This will be sent out at the end of the week commencing 19 February, following selection for hanging which will take place as soon after the submission deadline of 19 February as possible and no later than 6pm on Friday, 23 February.
  • The Slade Centre is not responsible for an artist’s failure to receive results.
  • Once confirmation of selection has been received, selected works should be delivered to The Slade Centre on Monday, 26 February between 11am and 1pm or Tuesday, 27 February between 9am and 4pm.


Section 10: Delivery and Packaging

  • Works should arrive wrapped. If you are delivering your work in person there will be space to unwrap your work on delivery. Packaging must then be removed from The Slade Centre by the artist.
  • Fragile work may remain wrapped in a way that does not obscure the image during selection.


Section 11: Sale of Work

  • Selling prices must be rounded to the nearest pound.
  • The price stated on your submission is the selling price and this must include The Slade Centre’s commission of 40%. (Please note that The Slade Centre is not currently registered for VAT.)
  • The information on your entry form will be used in all pricing documents. Please ensure this information is correct at the time of submission.
  • Artists will be advised of sales, and payment to the artist will be made at the end of the exhibition, once payment has been received from the purchaser.
  • The Slade Centre aims to make payment to the artist within 28 days of the end of the exhibition. Payment will be made by bank transfer. Please ensure appropriate details on your entry form are correct.


Section 12: Insurance and Damage to Work

  • Exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own insurance to cover damage or loss to their artwork either in transit or whilst at The Slade Centre.
  • The utmost care will be taken of all works sent in for exhibition, however neither The Slade Centre, its officers, nor its representatives will be responsible for any loss or damage whilst the works are in their possession howsoever caused, with the exception of damage to or theft of exhibited works whilst on public display which has been recorded on CCTV.


Section 13: Collecting Work

  • Unsold work can be collected from The Slade Centre at the end of the exhibition on the following dates: on Monday, 8 April between 11am and 1pm or Tuesday, 9 April between 9am and 4pm.
  • In order to collect your work please bring with you a form of ID.
  • If a third party is collecting work on your behalf, they must bring this with them or a letter or email saying they have permission to collect the work. Work will not be released without this authority.
  • If any work submitted has not been collected within 3 months after the closing date of the exhibition, The Slade Centre shall be entitled to, without prior notice to the artist, sell or otherwise dispose of such works and to devote the proceeds of such sale or other disposition as it may think fit in its absolute discretion.
  • If you have arranged for a courier to collect your work, you must email The Slade Centre at least one week in advance at with details of the collection.


Section 14: Copyright

  • Copyright remains with the artist; however, by submitting entries and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the artist agrees that his/her work can be used for the promotion of The Slade Centre and its exhibitions.