Glen McFarlane Innes

I believe that every artist has a responsibility to respond to those things which make us pause, to remark, to be seized in the moment when we can comfortably acknowledge that there are larger things at play than ourselves. Whether we are gazing at a beautiful sunset, grieving a loss, riding the palpitations of a flowering love or about to enter a towering forest there is a momentum for wonder. 

Whenever I encounter such a feeling I try my best to be humble and respond with gratitude. My gratitude is within the marks I make and they form my prayers. Inspired by the beautiful in the unnoticed and my insignificant attempt to say ‘thank you’.

The following 4 photos all struck home with me. They have some impact and remind me of the instant that I took them; the place, the smell, the warmth on my skin and the memory of pausing.

By looking closer, a whole wide world

Digital print on paper 59 x 42 cm 

look closer

I enjoy photography. It is a daily exercise to encourage my habit of looking and noticing. It is important to me to appreciate what is beneath my feet.

Often I am attracted to things which surprise me; unusual splashes of colour, depths of field or strange perspectives, the composition that refuses to let my eye leave. 

But of recent times the noticing and capturing of these moments has not been enough. I am compelled to react more strongly, they demand more respect and I struggled to produce anything of worth.

Then I read about computer coding as poetry and researched how there could be an aesthetic practice in any such thing and the thing that made the most sense was the notion of random occurrence. There is faith in accepting a random response in the same way that a painter has faith in paint once it leaves the brush.

I used code to examine the colours of the photos and then to draw curves of that colour in random directions and lengths. There is the occasional circle when it equals the correct variables.

I am surprised by the results but equally satisfied that there is tribute in this work. Each iteration of the image is uniquely different to the previous one. Even though each image is an edition of 12, they are a dozen slightly different images.



Available work

Glen is part of the launch of our new publishing company McFarlane and Slade and we are delighted to have these 4 works as part of an adventure into the world of contemporary art posters.

By Looking Closer…
The Whole Wide World

I am a button

The Slightest Blush
In The Undergrowth

I am a button

It Wasn’t The Sun
But It Was Sun Kissed

I am a button

My Prayer Is Complete
When I Am On My Knees

I am a button