the Slade Centre


Current and previous exhibitions in both the Main and Upper Galleries

  1. Borrowed Light

    Phil and Ben Drew

    13th April to 18th May

  2. Open Arts 2024

    Open Arts 2024

    2nd March to 6th April

  3. Beautiful artwork displayed in your home

    McFarlane & Slade

    22nd January to 24th February

  4. The Christmas Show

    The most valuable gift… is the most considered

    21 Nov to 6th Jan

  5. Artworks inspired by books

    From Word to Wonder

    30th September to 28th October

  6. Swallowing the Moon


    19th August to 23 September

  7. A Day in the Life... and other stories


    1st July to 5th August, 2023

  8. Product and Process


    29th April to 10th June, 2023

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