We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of delightful fun, with the Belle Street Duo performing their award winning ‘Hugh – the musical’ followed by an intermission and a session of favourite songs from the past.


The doors open at 6:15 for the show to start at 7- 7:30

And we are really pleased to have the company of Matthew from The Piccolo Box offering his mouth-watering pizzas as a late supper. 7″ of pizza goodness (ideal for those who can’t eat late) available for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Matthew is supporting the Boobs cause and is donating all profits to the charity – so let’s support his generosity by treating ourselves to one (or more) of his delicious pizzas.

As they are all wood-fired and hand prepared they take a little while to cook so we are asking everyone to suggest their orders prior to the evening to help out Matthew and his organisation.

You may prefer to eat before the show starts or wait for the intermission. Either way, we want to be able to help Matthew in his preparations and help the evening be as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Fill in your preferences in the form below and magic might well happen 🙂

If you order 3 x Piccolo pizzas in one order you will only be charged £15.00

Pizza order